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"Please choose the size according to detail measurements on size chart, don't depend on size code"

The size system is very complicate, every main country has it's own size system and they are all different. It's also vary in different factory even they are in same countries. Because the national standard is the body measurements, The vary is on the "ease space"  (the difference between the clothing and the body). Moreover, different pattern clothing the ease space is different, for example, the sleepwear can be very loose, but the dress can be very tight. Also, different people has different taste, some prefer looser and some prefer slim. So please don't choose the size just according to the code, please check the details measurements on the size chart to check whether the size is what you want.

We adapt the United Kingdom size system for clothing:

1. BS 3666:1982 Specification for size designation of women's wear
2. BS 6185:1982 Specification for size designation of men's wear

It is because UK size system is between the US size system and Europe size system. The interval for small size is 4cm, for big size is 6cm, for common sense, it is more reasonable. The interval for international size system is too big, normally it is 8cm, this interval for sleepwear is no problem, but for some slim pattern clothing is no good.

Silk fabric is very soft and slippery, it is very difficult to sewing, so our clothing measurement could have 1-2cm difference, clothing is just clothing, not like watchs, 1-2cm difference is normal.

For more size knowledge please refer below links: